Curtner Elementary School

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Part of what makes the Curtner School Community so special is the active partnership between parents, teachers, and administrators. The Curtner PTA is comprised of families and teachers whose dedication and involvement truly helps make Curtner thrive.  To get involved or get more info, email us at or visit our website at

Check In

If you need to bring something to your child during school hours, please check in at the office. 

The office staff will call your child's classroom for you.  Please do not go directly to your child's classroom.  All visitors must check in at the office when they come to Curtner.

Staff Only

Curtner Vision

Curtner creates a safe and positive environment for our students, staff and families.  As learners and leaders, we have agency and resilience, and celebrate the many cultures and perspectives of our community.  We critically, creatively, and cooperatively make improvements and solve problems.  By developing 21st Century skills, we have limitless opportunities to achieve success and positively contribute to our community and the world.




Curtner's office is currently closed for the summer.


If you have enrolled your student, please take all the information into the District office at 1331 E Calaveras Blvd., Buiding 200, Room 206


They will be open fron July 5th - 27th (Closed July 3rd & 4th and Fridays)  8 AM - 12 PM.


Curtner's office will be reopening Thursday, August 3rd.  

Summer hours are 8 am - 2:30 pm


Uniform Policy

Curtner will continue to be a uniform school in 2016-2017.  All students should be dressed in uniform on the first day of school.  Click here for parent letter on our uniform policy or check out our page on Uniforms for more info.

In the Spring of 2015, Curtner parents completed a survey on the Curtner Uniform Policy.  We'd like to thank our parents for their input.  Click here for survey results and contact Assistant Principal Maria Hartman-Hernandez if you have additional questions.

2016-17 Schedule

Regular Day

Kindergarten Full Day*   8:45-2:00

1st-3rd Grade                  8:45-2:30

4th-6th Grade                 8:45-2:45


Minimum Day

Kindergarten                   8:45-11:45

1st-3rd Grade                  8:45-12:50

4th-6th Grade                 8:45-12:55


Curtner Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of Curtner Elementary and see how MUSD describes the blended learning journey leading to personalization, high engagement and agency.



Curtner PBL and Google Apps

Read about how Curtner's 6th grade students are using Google Apps and Project Based Learning to improve our community and the world through rigorous inquiry as they ask "How can we have a positive impact on climate change?"



Parking Lot Safety

Designated Place to Cross

To ensure the safety of all children and adults, please do not cross the Curtner parking lot at any point other than the cross walk by the school office, before and after school.  Cars are continuously pulling through our parking lot, and crossing while cars are moving creates an unsafe situation.


Before School Drop Off

Please escort your child to the front of the school.

8:00 AM to 8:30 AM:  Students go to courtyard at the front of the school and wait to be dismissed to their lines.

8:30 AM to 8:45 AM:  Students go through the front of the school and then directly to their lines on the blacktop.

8:45 AM and later:  Students check in at the office for a late pass.


Ensuring a Safe Drop Off

Please do not leave your vehicle to assist your child during drop off.  Student valets are out front each morning to assist children during drop off.  Children must exit the vehicle on the school side of the car, not the street side.  Also, vehicles must pull all the way up in the drop off zone before a child can exit the vehicle.


Thank you for working together to ensure a safe campus for our students!

Independent Study

Milpitas Unified School District offers Independent Study for students who have a pre-arranged absence of no less than 5 days and no more than 10 days.  For a student to be approved for independent study, the school must be informed at least 2 weeks in advance so that the teacher has time to prepare the necessary work.  The student must return on the agreed upon date with all completed work or the absences will be declared unexcused.  Any student with more than 10 unexcused absences will be dis-enrolled and will be re-enrolled in any district school where space is available should their home school be at capacity.  Students are only eligible for one independent study contract per school year.  For further information, please contact the Curtner School office.