Who We Are

Curtner is multicultural community of 740 students served by a highly dedicated staff. Curtner contains groups of students with a variety of backgrounds including our English Learner population which is 37% of the total population, socioeconomically disadvantaged students which is 20%, and students with disabilities which is 5%.

Curtner believes that in order to provide students with an excellent education they must be in a school that provides:

  • A safe environment

  • High quality teachers who provide rigorous instruction

  • Systematic Interventions that target students’ needs

First and foremost, students need a safe environment. A safe environment begins with clear expectations. Curtner has committed to utilizing the PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) to establish clear expectations for the varied learning environments we have on campus so that all students are successful in meeting the school-wide expectations and feel safe and valued.

Second, students must have high quality teachers to access the core curriculum. The hallmark of high quality teachers is opportunity for clear, targeted professional development and opportunities for teachers to support one another through their Professional Learning Communities. Curtner has dedicated itself to establishing high-functioning Professional Learning Communities that collaborate around the professional development we have chosen to enhance the instruction on core curriculum.

Finally, students must be provided with systematic interventions that target the behavioral and academic needs of students. Interventions must be timely, research-based, and delivered during the instructional day whenever possible. At the core of our academic program is the use of blended learning and personalized learning. Teachers provide targeted, systematic support through blended learning rotations, which emphasize small group instruction to meet the needs of diverse learners.

History of Curtner

Curtner School was named for a whole family.

Curtner School, located in the subdivision called Curtner Estates, is named for the pioneer family who originally owned the land around it.

Henry Curtner migrated from Indiana in 1850 and lived in an adobe in Mission San Jose for a year and a half. This was the first time the family ever had an inside fireplace, it is reported.

After farming in the area now known as Alvarado, the Curtner's moved to Warm Springs (then called Harrisburg), and the property came to include 7,000 acres from Warm Springs south to Jacklin Road.

Henry Curtner’s wife founded the Curtner seminary, a finishing school for men and women, and Joshua Stanford was one of its graduates.

In the third generation, farming began to yield to the encroaching industry and organization in the valley.

Curtner, a long time county planning commissioner, continues on a remainder of the Curtner lands in Warm Springs, and his sister, Mrs. Marion Curtner Weller, maintains in ranching land in hills at the rear of the Main Street Square and Sunnyhills subdivisions.

She also restored an old adobe dwelling on the Rancho Higuera.

Curtner SARC Reports